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Matt Malec

Vice President
The Federal Savings Bank

It all started in a log cabin in La Grange, IL. OK, it wasn’t a log cabin, but Matt was born and raised in La Grange Park, the middle child of SEVEN kids of a Builder and a Teacher for the Chicago Public Schools. After prematurely aging the nuns at St. Francis Xavier in La Grange, Matt attended St. Ignatius in Chicago. He skipped 3rd grade at SFX, and to this day, his five sisters (absolutely falsely) claim: “The 3rd grade teachers didn’t want you!” Matt was a wee bit mischievous in grade school.

“I loved it at Ignatius….although the neighborhood was a little dicey then, it was a great experience getting to meet guys from 250 different grade schools all over Chicagoland, each one of them sharper than the next. There were no rich kids there…..just smart kids of working class parents who wanted a great education for their sons…..Ignatius survived the Chicago Fire and went co-ed 2 years after I graduated.”

After Ignatius, Matt worked his way through the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign and after getting his private pilot’s license there, went on to fly in the Navy as an Officer. “What a great experience! Fewer than 1% of applicants made it into the Navy Flight Program, and I’ve made friends in the Navy that have lasted a lifetime.”

Once Matt returned to Chicago from his assignments as a Naval Officer, he raised a family in his hometown and as his twin daughters and son headed off to college, Matt did likewise, using his Veteran’s benefits and a generous scholarship to earn an Executive MBA from his alma mater, the U of I. “I was incredibly fortunate to be able to go back to school after the collapse of 2008. This was an extremely demanding program, and in addition to re-sharpening my skills and focus after getting wiped out, Illinois’ EMBA has opened SO many doors as I dive into the 2nd 50 years of my life. Our trip to China opened up the WORLD to me!”

Since finishing graduate school, Matt has returned to the career he’s loved for 25 years: Real Estate and Mortgage Banking. Now a VP with The Federal Savings Bank, Matt’s helped thousands of Veterans and other Renters own their first homes, while showing others how to use their homes and investment properties to build a more comfortable retirement. “I’ve always told my kids, ‘find something you’d do for FREE, and make THAT your career!” Every single day is fun, and I’ve done so many types of loans over the last 21 years in Mortgage Banking that it truly is an honor to help my clients get answers.

…..and as much as I enjoy helping people own homes or improve the loans they have, I keep a good balance with work and play. It’s always a treat to tailgate at an Illini or White Sox game (I hear there’s a team on the North Side….is that true?). When the weather’s nice and my veggie garden has been watered, I’m always up for some tennis or a bike ride. My kids are all in the area, too, so it’s always a treat when they have time to spend with “old” Dad.”

“I’ve really been fortunate….and I truly feel lucky to be able to help so many people. My clients know I love this, and they know they can reach me 7 days a week. I’m looking forward to helping YOU, too!”

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