Testimonials about Randy Barcella

“Randy came to our Century 21 office meeting, as a guest speaker. We had 28 agents in attendance. Randy was very knowledgeable, professional and very well dressed. What great revealing information that he shared with us! He opened our eyes as to what an Appraiser really does and how we, as Realtors, can better work with Appraisers. He debunked the FHA myths that we held on to for many years! Many of us avoided selling a house FHA, since we thought that FHA has an inspector that comes out and calls for repairs. “FHA does Not call for repairs”. Thanks to Randy, we will sell more homes going forward. Since approximately 43% of all homes are sold FHA, why would we turn away that huge segment of buyers. We thought that the homes have to be FHA approved. More myths that was handed down to us over the years. Thank You Randy for educating us, Debunking Myths vs Reality and allowing us to sell more homes moving forward.” Joanna – Century 21

“Randy successfully helped us lower our taxes on appeal. We purchased our home for $350,000. It’s now worth, $250,000. However we were still being taxed at a value of $375,000. What a relief to have our property taxes lowered! We called Randy on many referrals, that he is the expert in residential home values. Randy was on time, very knowledgeable, courteous, detailed and accurate. We received our appraisals within three days. With his appraisal, we were able to get our taxes lowered to the appropriate and current amount. We would definitely refer Randy! Tom and Carol – Frankfort.

Randy helped me through my divorce. Me and my husband had to get appraisals done on our house. The judge leaned towards Randy’s appraisal , as the most accurate and most credible. Divorce is stressful, but not with the appraisal process with Randy. Randy is very knowledgeable, polite, courteous, unbiased, objective and timely. Thank you Randy! I now have peace of mind, staying in my home with my children, from getting a fair price for my home.” Tammy – Glenview.

“Our parents passed and we had no idea what their home was worth. Me and my siblings had no idea who to call or what to do. Our attorney asked us to get an appraisal done, as a part of the estate sale. We called Randy, from a referral. Wow! We had no idea their home was worth so much. We heard “word of mouth” from neighbors and a couple Realtors, as to what they “guessed” it was worth. Thanks to Randy, we have peace of mind, getting every penny of what our parents home and land was really worth, after their 55 years of hard work and living there. We would easily recommend Randy. He is very knowledgeable, courteous and timely. He is such a pleasant gentleman to work with. Our parents passing was very stressful and depressing, but, not working with Randy!” Ted and Lisa – Naperville

“Randy works weekends and gives “next day service”! I had a mortgage file come in to me on a Friday, since their previous mortgage company could not close the loan. I asked Randy if I can get a “Rush” order appraisal? Since the loan interest lock expires on Tuesday, I had to close this loan by Tuesday, so the family can move into their home purchase. Randy did the appraisal on Sunday, got it back to me on Monday. It cleared underwriting and we closed on Tuesday. Wow, thanks Randy from all! Their were two other sales pending this closing. Randy gave us “outstanding service” and saved the day for all three families involved. The appraisal was so good and accurate, it flew through underwriting without any conditions. I am happy that he is on our approved appraiser list. Not all appraisers are the same. What an asset he is.” Matt- Loan Officer, Chicago

Testimonials about Jennifer Minyard

“My wife and I have toyed with the notion of moving for some time now. We have dealt with a couple different agents that didn’t take us serious. It was such a breath of fresh air to find Jennifer. She has bent over backwards showing us different homes in different neighborhoods. We are finally convinced that our perfect home is out there. Jennifer is listing our home and finding us a new one. My wife who can sometimes be hard to please just loves her. We would highly recommend to anyone looking to sell or buy.” Mike & Tara

“Jennifer was extremely professional. She is friendly, knowledgeable and hard working. She responded to phone calls and e-mails in a prompt manner. I would highly recommend her.” Bonnie

“Jennifer was great! She was very professional and extremely helpful during this stressful time. I am grateful for all her knowledge and expertise. I would highly recommend having her as your agent.” Robert

“I bought a house in Homewood IL with Jennifer and also prepared to sell with her a few years later. She is responsive, reliable and simply great. Her biggest asset is that she does not pressure you. She gives you the space you need to make real estate decisions that work best for you and your family and gives you the knowledge you need to make that decision.” Aisha

“I was a first time home buyer and Jennifer was just fantastic to work with-( no stress no mess) Jennifer was very professional and attentive to my needs. She was always available to answer any questions about the properties I was interested in and gave solid advise. I would definetly recommend Jennifer to my family friends and strangers looking for a great real estate agent!” Amanda

“Our experience with Jen was over the top 100 percent dedicated service to our expectation. I would recommend others! She also made herself available whenever we needed her!! Choosing her as your realtor would be an excellent choice in choosing your home!” Larry and Tee

“We must have looked at 100 houses over a 3 month period ranging everywhere from fixer upper to move in ready at the top of our price range, and in half a dozen different towns. She never once pressured us into a decision and was incredibly patient as we sorted out the current real estate market for the first time. She was very generous with her time- meeting in the morning, afternoons, over the weekend, and until 11 at night to finally get our offer in. Very professional and I would work with her again.” Eric

Testimonials about Chuck Poulin

I highly recommend Chuck Poulin and his team if you are looking for a house or you want to know what the next step is, Chuck is your guy! He is professional, knows what he is doing and will get you to your dream house! My credit wasn’t the best and I contacted him he told me what to do, explained me what options I had and here I am living in my big beautiful house, he worked with me from helping me fixing my credit to getting the approval! He is the man! And his team I really can’t say enough good thing about George this guy will answer your call or email no matter if he is on vacation or Sunday night! He is a very nice guy and he knows how the process goes as soon as the information is there! I’m very happy and highly recommend them!

Chuck was very knowledgeable and helpful with the whole process. On the other hand Chuck was available for me and he replied to me email or texts message and a timely manner. I will definitely send my family and closes freind his way. Overall great guy friendly and apporchable.

Chuck, was a blessing on my first purchase. As a first time home buyer I did not know what to expect, how I would be treated, and if my best interested would be considered in the purchase and there after. This is where he as a blessing came in, Chuck advised me all the way, he had my best interest as a first time home owner. His communication is excellent, and has a great calm, positive, proactive, professional, expert attitude that relieves any anxiety of making your first purchase. He is well informed on the market, the trade and all other 3rd parties that work with you on your first purchase. He has built great relationships in the industry for all the other services you will need for your home, he can provide the best and kindest people in the industry to work with, such as himself. Anyone that will help you along the way the he refers you to, will treat you with great care and explain the process all the way. From finding the right home, real estate agent, real estate lawyer, home insurance, I felt Chuck made only great referrals to me, and always had my best interest and was informed on all developments from the begging of purchase to closing of the home. He is an extremely seasoned professional, with great demeanor, wealth of knowledge and expertise. I highly recommend him on your next purchase given my outstanding experience with him and his team. I am extremely great full so much so that I plan work with him and his team again and am referring them to my loved ones, friends and co workers.

chuck is awesome,he really knows his stuff. very friendly very knowledgeable,& very approachable. its a great thing to have a Good Guy help u with your business transactions. 1 of the things that I love about chuck is he very genuine hes not out here to score a fast buck. chuck wants u to be happy as well as comfortable and that’s very rare in todays business world. And if u are a first time home buyer chuck will walk u through the process step by step! – barry & brian

I was introduced to Chuck Poulin around March 13, 2014. As a first-time home buyer, I was really not sure to expect about the buying process, but Chuck made it easy. He makes you feel very comfortable and gets to know you beyond just the lending side. All of the mortgage mumbo jumbo was alien to my vocabulary and Chuck simplified it for me and explained all of my options. I can honestly say Chuck Poulin made my first home buying experience a very pleasant one. From our first conversation he explained each and every option that was available to me and I never felt pressured into any decision. Throughout the whole loan process he kept me updated. My phone calls, emails & texts were handled in a professional and timely manner. All in all I really couldn’t imagine my home buying process being any easier. Even now that the deal is done I would still feel 100% comfortable calling Chuck with any questions. – Abe and Jess

Chuck was a great help very knowledgeable and responsive (Meagan to!). I got to the last step with another mortgage company only to find out a week before closing they couldn’t give the loan……And this is where Chuck steps in.Needless to say I’m typing this from my new home. I recommend (Chuck) to anybody looking to purchase a home.

Testimonials about Elina Golod

Whenever I and my clients have worked with Elina, we have had positive results in some very, very difficult transactions. If it had not been for Elina’s tenacity, some of these transactions would never have closed. They were short sales fraught with difficulty and Elina was able to bring them to closing. I can recommend her very highly. – Paulette B.

Elina was wonderful to work with and I would recommend her to anyone who is purchasing property in the Chicagoland area. ​Elina is personable, responsive, accessible and experienced. She is also highly creative in her approach and quickly solved some complex problems for us that got us to closing on time. THANK YOU, Elina! – ​Fernanda V.

I have recommended and utilized Elina’s services as a Real Estate Attorney on several transactions and each time she has delivered exceptionally. She is creative, patient and works hard at ensuring that we get to closing. I find her to be also very flexible and a great person to bounce ideas off of when the deal hits a road bump. I will continue to work with her and refer her continuously. She is solidly dependable. – Mabel G.

We hired Elina to help us negotiate in buying our first home. It was a straight forward sale, however there were some things we wanted to include in the house price and also have the seller fix. ​Elina got us MORE than we thought we needed. She really thought ahead and planned for things we didn’t think of! We didn’t know we really needed an attorney, until we worked with her. She kept all of the moving parts going, so we could get into our new home quickly! She was so detailed, professional, and an most importantly, an excellent communicator. – Catherine B.

Testimonials about Tim James

Realtor, 10 out of 10: “Tim James from Pillar To Post has performed many inspections for me. He has done inspections where I had the seller and I also refer him to my buyers. I have found him to be fair and honest in all cases. I trust Tim on either side of the transaction. Tim introduces the buyer to their new home, meanwhile noting any problems that may need attention. Always the professional, a credit to the home inspection business.”

Realtor, 10 out of 10: “Pillar To Post: The Tim James Team staff is always super friendly and helpful. They try to accommodate clients’ needs and understand the timeframes and deadlines to completing the inspection. The inspectors really take their time to thoroughly explain any issues to the potential buyer so that they feel comfortable with the situation whatever it may be!”

Realtor, 10 out of 10: “The home buying experience should be enjoyable but is often stressful for the buyer. Tim and his team give buyers the peace of mind they need when often making the biggest purchase of their lives. To be able to feel comfortable and confident in your purchase is an invaluable feeling. As an agent, the transaction takes a team. I am lucky to have Tim James and Pillar To Post on my team.”

Client, 10 out of 10: “The inspector arrived right at the appointed time. He was friendly, courteous, and respectful of the home. He encouraged me to ask any questions, and he answered all questions patiently and completely. His inspection was very thorough, which I greatly appreciated. He completed his report before he left the home, and the emailed report was waiting for me when I arrived at my current home. I was highly impressed with his inspection, his report, his demeanor, and obvious enjoyment of his job. Great experience, and I would recommend Pillar To Post: The Tim James Team to anyone and everyone.”

Client, 10 out of 10: “I would definitely recommend Pillar To Post: The Tim James Team to anybody in need of a good quality and comprehensive inspection. My inspector was very nice and courteous and he went above and beyond for the job. They gave it a limit of 3 hours to complete the job but he had no problem staying to finish since it was a very old house with lots of quirks. In the end, I was asked many times if I had any questions and he explained everything to me and he stayed for nearly four and a half hours just to go over every square inch of that house. I think I learned everything I possibly could about the house during that inspection.”

Client, 10 out of 10: “Tim showed up on time and was very courteous, professional and friendly. He was very detail-orientated and knowledgeable about all aspects and parts of the home. Tim also appeared to be up-front and honest and presented himself as a person with integrity. He told us everything he found defective in the house, which luckily for us, wasn’t much. But he did notify us verbally and in his actual report. Everything he mentioned about the house was in the report. His honesty was much appreciated by my wife and I. Tim also stated he would email us the report within one hour and he kept his promise. Also, he told me to call him anytime for anything we spoke about regarding the home. I may take him up on that offer! Overall, he was magnificent and well spoken. We would recommend him anytime to anyone needing a home inspection. So thank you Tim for the awesome experience and putting us one step closer to achieving our dream of becoming a homeowner!”

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