Testimonials about Randy Barcella

“Randy came to our Century 21 office meeting, as a guest speaker. We had 28 agents in attendance. Randy was very knowledgeable, professional and very well dressed. What great revealing information that he shared with us! He opened our eyes as to what an Appraiser really does and how we, as Realtors, can better work with Appraisers. He debunked the FHA myths that we held on to for many years! Many of us avoided selling a house FHA, since we thought that FHA has an inspector that comes out and calls for repairs. “FHA does Not call for repairs”. Thanks to Randy, we will sell more homes going forward. Since approximately 43% of all homes are sold FHA, why would we turn away that huge segment of buyers. We thought that the homes have to be FHA approved. More myths that was handed down to us over the years. Thank You Randy for educating us, Debunking Myths vs Reality and allowing us to sell more homes moving forward.” Joanna – Century 21

“Randy successfully helped us lower our taxes on appeal. We purchased our home for $350,000. It’s now worth, $250,000. However we were still being taxed at a value of $375,000. What a relief to have our property taxes lowered! We called Randy on many referrals, that he is the expert in residential home values. Randy was on time, very knowledgeable, courteous, detailed and accurate. We received our appraisals within three days. With his appraisal, we were able to get our taxes lowered to the appropriate and current amount. We would definitely refer Randy! Tom and Carol – Frankfort.

Randy helped me through my divorce. Me and my husband had to get appraisals done on our house. The judge leaned towards Randy’s appraisal , as the most accurate and most credible. Divorce is stressful, but not with the appraisal process with Randy. Randy is very knowledgeable, polite, courteous, unbiased, objective and timely. Thank you Randy! I now have peace of mind, staying in my home with my children, from getting a fair price for my home.” Tammy – Glenview.

“Our parents passed and we had no idea what their home was worth. Me and my siblings had no idea who to call or what to do. Our attorney asked us to get an appraisal done, as a part of the estate sale. We called Randy, from a referral. Wow! We had no idea their home was worth so much. We heard “word of mouth” from neighbors and a couple Realtors, as to what they “guessed” it was worth. Thanks to Randy, we have peace of mind, getting every penny of what our parents home and land was really worth, after their 55 years of hard work and living there. We would easily recommend Randy. He is very knowledgeable, courteous and timely. He is such a pleasant gentleman to work with. Our parents passing was very stressful and depressing, but, not working with Randy!” Ted and Lisa – Naperville

“Randy works weekends and gives “next day service”! I had a mortgage file come in to me on a Friday, since their previous mortgage company could not close the loan. I asked Randy if I can get a “Rush” order appraisal? Since the loan interest lock expires on Tuesday, I had to close this loan by Tuesday, so the family can move into their home purchase. Randy did the appraisal on Sunday, got it back to me on Monday. It cleared underwriting and we closed on Tuesday. Wow, thanks Randy from all! Their were two other sales pending this closing. Randy gave us “outstanding service” and saved the day for all three families involved. The appraisal was so good and accurate, it flew through underwriting without any conditions. I am happy that he is on our approved appraiser list. Not all appraisers are the same. What an asset he is.” Matt- Loan Officer, Chicago

Testimonials about Chuck Poulin

I highly recommend Chuck Poulin and his team if you are looking for a house or you want to know what the next step is, Chuck is your guy! He is professional, knows what he is doing and will get you to your dream house! My credit wasn’t the best and I contacted him he told me what to do, explained me what options I had and here I am living in my big beautiful house, he worked with me from helping me fixing my credit to getting the approval! He is the man! And his team I really can’t say enough good thing about George this guy will answer your call or email no matter if he is on vacation or Sunday night! He is a very nice guy and he knows how the process goes as soon as the information is there! I’m very happy and highly recommend them!

Chuck was very knowledgeable and helpful with the whole process. On the other hand Chuck was available for me and he replied to me email or texts message and a timely manner. I will definitely send my family and closes freind his way. Overall great guy friendly and apporchable.

Chuck, was a blessing on my first purchase. As a first time home buyer I did not know what to expect, how I would be treated, and if my best interested would be considered in the purchase and there after. This is where he as a blessing came in, Chuck advised me all the way, he had my best interest as a first time home owner. His communication is excellent, and has a great calm, positive, proactive, professional, expert attitude that relieves any anxiety of making your first purchase. He is well informed on the market, the trade and all other 3rd parties that work with you on your first purchase. He has built great relationships in the industry for all the other services you will need for your home, he can provide the best and kindest people in the industry to work with, such as himself. Anyone that will help you along the way the he refers you to, will treat you with great care and explain the process all the way. From finding the right home, real estate agent, real estate lawyer, home insurance, I felt Chuck made only great referrals to me, and always had my best interest and was informed on all developments from the begging of purchase to closing of the home. He is an extremely seasoned professional, with great demeanor, wealth of knowledge and expertise. I highly recommend him on your next purchase given my outstanding experience with him and his team. I am extremely great full so much so that I plan work with him and his team again and am referring them to my loved ones, friends and co workers.

chuck is awesome,he really knows his stuff. very friendly very knowledgeable,& very approachable. its a great thing to have a Good Guy help u with your business transactions. 1 of the things that I love about chuck is he very genuine hes not out here to score a fast buck. chuck wants u to be happy as well as comfortable and that’s very rare in todays business world. And if u are a first time home buyer chuck will walk u through the process step by step! – barry & brian

I was introduced to Chuck Poulin around March 13, 2014. As a first-time home buyer, I was really not sure to expect about the buying process, but Chuck made it easy. He makes you feel very comfortable and gets to know you beyond just the lending side. All of the mortgage mumbo jumbo was alien to my vocabulary and Chuck simplified it for me and explained all of my options. I can honestly say Chuck Poulin made my first home buying experience a very pleasant one. From our first conversation he explained each and every option that was available to me and I never felt pressured into any decision. Throughout the whole loan process he kept me updated. My phone calls, emails & texts were handled in a professional and timely manner. All in all I really couldn’t imagine my home buying process being any easier. Even now that the deal is done I would still feel 100% comfortable calling Chuck with any questions. – Abe and Jess

Chuck was a great help very knowledgeable and responsive (Meagan to!). I got to the last step with another mortgage company only to find out a week before closing they couldn’t give the loan……And this is where Chuck steps in.Needless to say I’m typing this from my new home. I recommend (Chuck) to anybody looking to purchase a home.

Testimonials about Elina Golod

Whenever I and my clients have worked with Elina, we have had positive results in some very, very difficult transactions. If it had not been for Elina’s tenacity, some of these transactions would never have closed. They were short sales fraught with difficulty and Elina was able to bring them to closing. I can recommend her very highly. – Paulette B.

Elina was wonderful to work with and I would recommend her to anyone who is purchasing property in the Chicagoland area. ​Elina is personable, responsive, accessible and experienced. She is also highly creative in her approach and quickly solved some complex problems for us that got us to closing on time. THANK YOU, Elina! – ​Fernanda V.

I have recommended and utilized Elina’s services as a Real Estate Attorney on several transactions and each time she has delivered exceptionally. She is creative, patient and works hard at ensuring that we get to closing. I find her to be also very flexible and a great person to bounce ideas off of when the deal hits a road bump. I will continue to work with her and refer her continuously. She is solidly dependable. – Mabel G.

We hired Elina to help us negotiate in buying our first home. It was a straight forward sale, however there were some things we wanted to include in the house price and also have the seller fix. ​Elina got us MORE than we thought we needed. She really thought ahead and planned for things we didn’t think of! We didn’t know we really needed an attorney, until we worked with her. She kept all of the moving parts going, so we could get into our new home quickly! She was so detailed, professional, and an most importantly, an excellent communicator. – Catherine B.

Testimonials about Stephanie Herbert

“Stephanie is always available, professional, endearing, dedicated to her clients satisfaction, honest and thorough. Our first encounter with Stephanie was the Friday after Thanksgiving (2012). I told her that we wanted her to find a property that suited my mother’s needs and have her property closed by Christmas. She exceeded our expectations – we closed the day after Christmas! When we unexpectedly lost my mom Stephanie was supportive, kind and once again exceeded our expectations; contract received within 4 weeks of listing the property. Stephanie has earned the right to have us (and our family and friends) as life-long clients. We love her!”

-Heather S., Bolingbrook IL Seller

“Stephanie knows her job, makes recommendations, and is not pushy. Her concerns are for her client not for her commission. ”

-Angela Norton Buyer

Testimonials about Meldina Dervisevic

“Meldina was a pleasure to work with. As a first time buyer I really didn’t know what to expect. After an initial phone call where I laid out my price range and expectations (number of bedrooms and bathrooms ect) I realized I didn’t really know what I was looking for. Meldina took me to look at 6 or 7 different places some in high rise buildings some townhouses and some condos but I didn’t love any of them. She asked probing questions about what I liked and didn’t like about each of them to help me narrow my search. The second time we went looking the places were much closer to my expectations but again I didn’t fall in love with any of them. Again, Meldina took the time to find out what I liked and didn’t like about each of them. The third and final time we went looking Meldina showed me 6 places and I loved them all. After helping me find the perfect townhouse she helped through the offer process the negotiations and the closing.She is really a full service realtor. I plan to recommend her to all my friends and family members looking to buy or sell a home.”

-Steve M.

“Highly professional and knowledgeable, very friendly and positive. Meldina takes you to distance places any time of day and night, ease your mind and smooth “bumps” on the road. Also, she is very good at negotiations. I had a lot of fun working with her. Would definitely recommend to my friends.”

-Lena Lemesh

“Work with someone who cares about what YOU want! Meldina is the whole package: Experienced, Knowledgeable, and Compassionate! She knows her stuff and makes sure you find a perfect fit! So lucky to have found her!!”


-Damir Skaljic

“Meldina Dervisevic  is a conscientious, capable, and knowledgeable broker who goes beyond expectations. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.”

-Aida S.

“Meldina was amazing to work with – she was extremely knowledgable, helpful, sincere, honest and responsive. We just moved from California to Chicago and we were completely unfamiliar with Chicago. Meldina gave us a wonderful introduction to the city and housing market. She really helped us consider all of the factors necessary for finding an apartment that we didn’t even think about. We recommend her to everyone who needs help finding their new home!”

-Sofia and Jack

Testimonials about James Tiernan

“Very helpful and up to date with all the resources to help in every possible way need it, on call, quick to answer or to call back. Polite, respectful. James was very knowledgeable when we went out to look at properties and kept an eye for things that we didn’t. He and his team were very helpful in getting our loan approved and keeping us updated.”


“As a military family moving to a new area we have no idea what the market was like and where the best areas to live were. We got connected with James while living in San Diego and he took the time to FaceTime with me so I could get a good look at the houses that peaked our interest. Due to certain circumstances we were unable to buy a house right away but we were still interested in buying when our situation changed. James kept in contact with me monthly checking in to keep the communication loop open. Eventually we got to a point where we were able to actively look, James picked right up and was able to show us a few places and we discussed what we were looking for. After looking at a few houses we were able to get an idea of which houses had a good selling price and value. After looking at a few houses we found the house we were looking for. The rest of the process was seamless. James connected us with a lender who was very easy to work with and James negotiated a deal with the other agent that worked out for everyone. We could not be more pleased with the service and the process!! Thank You James and team for all your hard work!”


“We had a great experience working with James and would recommend him to anyone!! Our house sold within 24 hours at full asking price his process works! From the initial meeting suggestions on things to do to make our home “show ready,” and the marketing he used/sales process was all very smooth. His tips have been things we’ve looked for when looking at a home to purchase as well. James had a willingness to answer questions during the process and quick response to texts or calls was appreciated as we were on a quick timeline to get our home sold. He kept us informed the entire time, and was honest in his feedback on our home and he knows local experts for repairs as well (if needed). If we move back to the area we will definitely use James again!”


“What a wonderful group of agents!!!! James made it so easy to purchase a house I still can’t believe we are now owners of a rental property!! His team had our best interest at heart!! If you’re looking to buy or sell I would highly recommend James and his group!!”

-enza galati

“The personal experience and attention to detail is what sets James apart from the rest of the realtors. He sold our home as if he was selling his own. Thank you for all of your hard work. You made the process so easy on us!”

-Heidi Gohlinghorst

“My experience working with James was amazing! He is professional, knowledgeable, and his ability to connect with clients is second to none. Any and all future moves will be handled by James and his team!”

-Fadra Atci

Testimonials about Timothy Brigham

People always say that buying a home is stressful. I’m sorry, but I can’t relate. There was nothing stressful about this process at all. If there’s anyone you need on your side when you’re looking to purchase a house and get your family in the right place, it’s Tim. Not only were we comfortable with our mortgage payments but he took the time to walk us throw the process and answer questions before we could even ask him. If anyone knows the market and how to get their clients the best rates at the best time, it’s Tim. I would recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a home/property and I know they won’t be disappointed with his top-notch service.

-Sean Mcgovern – Phoenix Arizona – Purchase transaction

Tim and his team are AMAZING to work with. They keep you informed step by step of the process and never miss a beat. Tim has been there for not only me but my clients on nights and weekends to assist with any questions or concerns. Response is always prompt and every client is giving the full attention they need and deserve. I know when I send my clients to Tim they are in great hands. Wouldn’t want to work with anyone else!

-Megan Hancock – The royal Family real estate – Top 1% realtor Mainstreet Org of realtors

Tim gets five stars He explained everything with me he was very personable And down-to-earth If I had any question he responded Super professional!

-Theron Hunter – Chicago Purchase

We’ve bought and sold before many times and this transaction had more twists and turns than all the rest combined. Only through the diligent efforts, extreme flexibility and professionalism by Waterstone were we able to cross the finish line. Fantastic communication, non-stop attention to detail… simply the best. I have and will recommend them without reservation going forward.

-Scott Koenig- Florida -Purchase transaction

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