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Our award-winning team peels back the layers, pulls aside the curtains and opens the doors, to reveal the truth.

Meldina Dervisevic
Investors Meldina Realty Group, Chicago
Stephanie Boswell
Real Estate Broker
Keller Williams Success Realty
Diana Bzdyk​
Residential Specialist
dreamtown Realty
Dotty Dosé
ECHO Home Inspection Inc.
Sean Purcell
Real Estate Broker
Coldwell Banker
Richard Chew
1st Capital Insurance Group

Have peace of mind, confidence, low stress and get the results you deserve.

Looking for the best, current and most accurate information about the real estate market? Then don’t miss Real Estate Revealed! Randy Barcella and his team of experts will draw aside the curtains, peel back the layers, open the doors and uncover the truths about the real estate market.

Tune in to Real Estate Revealed, brought to you by Randy Barcella – Show Host; Meldina Dervisevic, Real Estate Broker, Chicago;  Stephanie Boswell, Real Estate Broker Keller Williams Success Realty;  Diana Bzdyk, Residential Specialist, dreamtown Realty; Dotty Dosé, ECHO Home Inspection Inc.; and Sean Purcell, Real Estate Broker, Coldwell Banker; and Richard Chew, Owner/Broker, 1st Capital Insurance Group; every Sunday at 8 am and have the real estate answers to your questions “Revealed”…on AM 560 The Answer

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